I would like to introduce myself to you.    
My name is Corinne, and I have been teaching English to TESOL/TEFL students for over 10 years.

Ever since I can remember I wanted to teach.  As a very young girl I would sit my sister on a chair at our kitchen table and set up a make believe classroom. I would then play the role of teacher and my sister as my student.   I have to admit that she was not very happy with this intrusion in her life.  She had spent 8 hours at her school and the last thing she wanted to do was to have a bossy sister make her sit and learn for another few hours.  We laugh when we look back at those times. Hopefully, she has forgiven me!

It wasn’t only the challenge of teaching English that I loved; it became rewarding and fun.  Watching my students learn how to communicate in English produced for me and them a sense of accomplishment. We learned from each other.  I learned about their different cultures and they learned about mine.

Learning English is a challenge, but it does not have to be difficult, and it should be fun. My students learn to speak English in a “real-world” sense, so they can immediately utilize the language and adapt, find employment and communicate with family and friends.

There are a few pointers I give all my students so that they can begin to integrate into their community.
1-   Carry a dictionary with you
2-   Make friends with people who speak English as a first language to learn the correct pronunciation.
3-   Carry a notebook and write down words you do not understand.
4-   Ask your companion to speak slower and help you write down the words you did not understand.
5-   Speak as often as you can without worrying about your pronunciation or about not knowing every word.
6-   At the end of the day concentrate on the words you did not understand.
7-   Listen to the radio and TV conversations and try to pick up words you do not understand.
8-   Remember the more chatting you do, the quicker you will learn and the next time you will remember the words you need.

I know there is a comfort zone in chatting with your friends that speak your native language.  I would encourage you to make friends with people who speak English fluently.  Try to speak English at home and begin chatting with locals in cafes, parks and wherever locals converge.

I have wonderful memories of each and every student.  I have taught students from all over the world, and I still communicate with all of them.  Many of them are now back home in their native country, and they keep me updated on their progress and their life.

While each skype lesson is an hour long, I know that there will always be questions and needed help between lessons.  I, therefore, have always been available without any limitations through e-mails.  My students can e-mail me at anytime, and I will always respond.  I do not charge an additional fee for this.
I will send you your lessons in advance of our meeting, so you will be prepared, and we can then discuss the lesson.

I know that scheduling hours can be difficult because of  different time zones and also within the state I teach from which is New York.  I, therefore, have made my hours very flexible to accommodate my students.

I specialize in Conversation English, English Grammar, Business English, Reading, Writing, Pronunciation, Comprehension and Vocabulary, including idioms and slang words.  It is important for each student to learn  at the pace they feel comfortable with.

I want you to learn in a comfortable setting; and I want you to have fun learning English.
Our first meeting on skype is free.  There is no charge. It is simply to find out what your learning goals are. Most importantly, our first meeting will give you the opportunity to evaluate me as your teacher, and if you feel I would be a perfect fit for you, I would be delighted.

I am also including a few recommendation letters from some of my students.  They are willing to have you contact them for further information if you wish.

I look forward to meeting all of you.